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What's new in Moodle 3



Manchester Met Moodle - good things come in 3.0s

  • More features
  • More mobile-friendly
  • More performance

For everyone

Modern appearance with improved responsiveness

  • New responsive theme that looks great on phones and tablets.

New, simple-to-use editor

  • Our new Moodle editor focuses on usability and accessibility.
  • It will automatically save your text as you type, keeping your content secure before you publish it.

Larger Turnitin Assignments

  • Upload limit doubled to 40MB

Forum activity

  • New "Like" rating can be implemented as a single scale item similar to social media
  • Subscription to individual discussions and get email copies of only the replies you need
  • Links allow better navigation from previous to next thread
  • Ability to reply to forum post via email even with attachments
  • Easily post to all groups in a forum

For staff

New quiz question types

  • Select missing words
  • Drag and drop into text
  • Drag and drop onto image - Students drag either text or small images onto a background picture uploaded by the tutor.
  • Drag and drop markers - Students drag text markers to a location predefined by the tutor on a background image.

Improved Assignment features

  • Control when to notify students of feedback via a checkbox when grading individual students.
  • Set a word limit, and comment and edit directly on students' online text assignments.
  • Easily keep track of student submissions via filters in the Assignment grading table.

Improved Gradebook

  • Grader report now functional across all devices with smooth scrolling.
  • Cells can be quickly edited without reloading.
  • New scrolling feature allows horizontally and vertically scrolling.
  • New single view allows view either all grades of one student or a single grade item for all students.

Assignment activity

  • Control when to notify students of feedback via a checkbox
  • Setting a word limit and the ability to directly edit and comment on online assignments
  • New filtering features to track student submissions
  • Tutors can now be assigned permissions to delete/edit student submissions
  • Tutors can now attach files for students using "Additional Files" (e.g. example submissions, rubrics)

Choice activity

Ability to select more than one choice

Student Support

About Moodle

Moodle is a web-based environment which provides a range of tools to support your studies online. These tools allow lecturers to provide access to teaching material and support resources such as reading lists, online articles, audio and video clips etc, support communication and collaboration between students and staff through the use of discussion boards and chat rooms, and enable you to be assessed online, either via multiple choice quizzes or by letting you submit coursework online.

Moodle is based on individual course areas, where each course area relates to an individual unit, programme of study or Faculty. It is used widely across the University and your lecturers will advise you of the ways in which they expect you to utilise Moodle to support your studies as different lecturers will use it in different ways.

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Staff Support

Resources available on the MMU Moodle (site requires login):

Staff Resource Area includes Moodle training Guides, Skills Online, Employability Online and guides to Equella and Podcasting.
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